Tips To Have Attractive Skin For Men’s

How Men’s Should Keep Their Skin Attractive, Healthy And Good Looking?


Being Real, Attractive And Glowing Skin Is Not Only The Primary Concern For Women’s But Nowadays Also For Men’s. As Everyone Want’s To Look Attractive. By Saying Attractive I Mean, It Doesn’t Matter That Your Skin Is Fair Or Dark But Should Be Healthy i.e. Should Not Be Much Oily or Dry, Should Not Have Acne And Should Be Glowing.

Women’s Primarily Do Take Care Of Their Skin As Like Not Having More Spices Which Results In Pimples, Covering Their Face And Using Sun Protection Creams While Outside Which Prevent Distracting Color Tone And More. But What Does Men’s Do? Shouldn’t They Take Care Of their Skin?

All We Do Is Wondering Out For Our Sister’s Magazine’s For The Tips. After Going Through It, We Don’t Find Anything Which Matches What We Were Looking For, As They Have Tips For Women’s. At The Extent, We Concern To Doctors And Return With The List Of Costly Cosmetics. Even Then Some Might Have Gone Through Them For The Day’s But The Results Would Be Disappointing.

By The End Of These Tips, You Will Not Be Needed To Go Through Your Sister’s Magazine’s. Be Patience For The Results But Definitely They Are Not Going To Disappoint You.

Sort Your Type Skin Type

Basically there are three types of men’s facial skin:

  • Normal Skin─ Normal skin is neither oily nor dry. This is the most healthy type of skin. The men’s under this type of skin doesn’t need to take much care. There are very less acne on the skin under this type and also moisturized in proper manner.
  • Dry Skin─ Dry skin is not oily but rough. This type of skin is flaky and feels rough on dehydrated. Moisturization is negligible under this type of skin.
  • Oily Skin─ The face with oily skin looks shining. The amount of acne on these skin is at the greater extent. It doesn’t matter how many time you wash your face under this type but it keeps shining.

So make sure you should sort your skin type before going for cosmetics.

Regular Exercise

Yes, obviously guys, exercise do affect your skin as sweat removes the waste water from your skin along with extra fats. Start your day with exercise like running or cycling or any of the exercises you are compatible with. Be regular with it for atleast 30 minutes a day.

Moisturize your Skin Thrice A Week

Men’s with dry skin needs to moisturize their skin atleast thrice a week. You can moisturize your skin by cosmetics or if any of them doesn’t suits your skin then do moisturize it by any of the almond oil massage. This will cause in softening the skin and it will not feel rough when dehydrated.


Scrubbing is the best solution for the men’s with oily skin. Scrubbing four times a week will clean the oil and dust in the pores which will result in the reduction of acne. By having steam thrice a week the facial oil will be reduced and your skin will become less oily.

Use Sun Protection

You may have heard that, “Protection Is Better Than Cure” Yes, it really do applies so use sunscreen while being outside. Cover your face with helmet’s on bike or hats while walking or cover with sensible white cotton clothes.

Be Careful While Selecting Cosmetics

Do concern experts before selecting cosmetics and always select those on the basis of your skin type. Like Sunscreen with SPF atleast 10 to atmost 30 is best for the men’s with dry skin. Don’t go always for costly one by thinking that it would be best as its expensive. As might that product have some ingredient’s which doesn’t suit your skin.

Wash Face Thrice A Day

As much as time it is possible to wash your face, do it, atleast thrice a day. After exercising, in afternoon and before being on bed at night. As dust and pollution gets settled down into the pores which will result into bacteria’s and then pimples. So wash your face gradually after returning from outside. No need of washing with any of cosmetics but water, as excessive use of chemicals may also results in failure.

Maintain Food Pyramid

Eat well as you probably might have heard that “Your Face Is The Reflection Of Your Stomach” Eat less spicy and very low oily food. This will help in proper digestion which will result in the reduction of pimples. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Have proper diet on time. In-short maintain the food pyramid.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drink as much as water you can. More quantity of water helps in cleaning your stomach and which intimately affect your skin. So drink atleast 6 liters of water daily.

Keep Addictions Aside

Obviously guys, excessive smoking and alcohol does affect your skin severely. These addiction causes early age wrinkles on your face. So, if you want healthy skin, have to keep these addictions aside and live with attractive skin and healthy life.

Do Sleep For 7-8 Hours Daily

Trust me guys, sleeping for short time do affect your skin. As sleeping also improves the digestion system. And as earlier I said, “Your Face Is The Reflection Of Your Stomach” For having healthy skin your stomach should be clean and so that sleeping for appropriate time is necessary.

Include carrots, Salmons, Berries, Brown Breads, Green Tea And Low Fat Dairy Products In Your Regular Diet. Do Follow This Tips If You Want Healthy, Attractive And Glowing Skin. Definitely Results Are Not Going To Disappoint You.






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