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Get Paid Upto $1,500 For Standing In Queue

How Robert Samuel Turns The Efforts Of Standing In Line Into Business?


In New York If You Are Fade Up Of Standing In Line And Are Ready To Pay Someone For Standing Instead Of You Then There’s A Way To Do So. SOLD Inc. Is A Best Place For You To Help. Charge Them As Per The Time And They Will Be Standing For You In Queue.

No matter for what you are waiting. Maybe for the latest Apple products or “Cronut” at Dominique Ansel Bakery or any of the thing you want to purchase but there’s a long line and you really don’t want to go through it. Contact SOLD Inc. and they will be standing for you.

© @sold_inc/twitter
© @sold_inc/twitter

Whom Does Organization Belongs To?

Robert Samuel (40-years-old) is a founder of SOLD Inc. He got into the business of line sitter from about three years ago. He was an employee as AT&T sales representative. Due to some reasons he lost his job and then was in the search to find a new way to earn extra money.

At that time Apple launched their smartphone- IPhone 5 and there was a long line for its purchase. This was an opportunity for him. Robert Samuel developed a new idea of line sitters for the peoples who are tired of standing into queue or don’t have enough time to do so but want to purchase the phone.

He put an advertisement on Craigslist offering to wait in line for the phone. All he has to do is to stand in line at the place of the people who want to purchase the phone but also don’t want to stand in line. After 19 hours of waiting he earned $325.

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And then he turned that waiting of 19 hours into business. The idea was so profitable that in December 2012 he started an organization with the name SOLD Inc.

How Did Robert Samuel Run The Business At Start?

According to Samuel Robert they consider each person as the potential customer. They didn’t think that, is that person enough rich to pay us instead of waiting in line. As he says,

“Not always there is a problem of getting tired of waiting, but also sometimes people don’t have enough time to do so beside their jobs and for them it’s much helpful”

At the start they used to ask each person for it. Robert Samuel says,

“Even if people don’t take the card when I ask them for waiting instead of them, I used to tell them our name and they can’t ignore it and someday they would need us. So I used to be vocal as much as possible. That’s the key to our long running business”

© @sold_inc/twitter
© @sold_inc/twitter

How Much To Pay?

These New York’s Premier Team of Professional Line Sitters get paid depending upon the time i.e. the hours they need to stand in line for you. The charges are as─

  • $25 for the first hour.
  • $10 for the each hour after first hour.

How To Contact SOLD Inc.?

  • SOLD Inc. have their official website- www.sameolelinedudes.com
  • They have the facility of call or simply text on the contact No. (347) 744

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