Men's Beard Transplantation In UK

4,500 Beard Transplants Carried Out In UK

4,500 Beard Transplants Carried Out In UK As Men Up Their ‘Fashion Factor’  That’s 4 Times More Than Hair Transplant.


In UK men’s are deeply cutting their pockets for transplanting beard. As transplanting beard and sideburns cost around £4000 to £14,500.

Men's Beard Transplantation In UK


“Big Thick Beards Are Back With An Absolute Vengeance And So We Thought Underlying This Fashion, One Of The Dynamics That Might Be Important Is the Idea Of Negative Frequency Dependence.”

In a survey done by Electrical Manufacturers Braun it is found that men’s with beard seems-

  • 53% more attractive to women’s.
  • 45% of men can’t grow a full beard.
  • 59% of men’s think that beard feel them more macho.

According to International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, more than 4,500 facial hair transplant were carried out in UK last year.

By the survey done it is can be assumed that men’s transplanting beard are inspired by stars David Beckham who continuously changes his facial hair, Hugh Jackman and Ben Affleck.

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, an American facial surgeon recently says that he used to perform 4 to 5 beard transplant each year on an average. But over the past decade it has been steadily raised to 3 beard transplant every change. Isn’t that a vast difference?

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein says that patchy facial hairs is a genetic problem. If the father had a problem in growing proper beard then there is a good chance the son will also face the same problem of patchy facial hair. It is why the men in Mediterranean countries often have strong beards as it is simply running through one generation to next.

Most of the men’s in the UK says that they have a significant gap in their beard and it looks patchy and unconvincing. And so they decided to transplant their beard even if it cost £4000 £14,500 for transplanting their beard and sideburns.

Mostly men who choose to undergo facial hair transplant are often cash rich, time poor, working men who want to look their best and are looking for effective long lasting results. A beard transplant is also a good option for men who have facial hair but would like to be thicker of fuller or to achieve a desirable shape of beard.

Beffore And After Beard Transplantation

Transplantation can easily fill out the areas on their face where there are gaps and by these they can adopt whatever look they like.

If you need to transplant your beard too, make sure you read 10 things to know before beard transplantation.

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